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Wooden Flower of Life.  The Flower of life is an ancient symbol of Sacred Geometry and rep

The Full Story



The agent of destructive & regenerative active forces, action, potency, raw physical power. Awakening will o action, active defence with knowledge of the division of all things would be a good way to express such as deity figure. As  a humble medium to this deity figure we have Luke Harrison channeling these energetic characteristics into electronic dance music productions as the engineer & producer force as well as the DJ for all those in the liking of THUNOR in their sonic creativity



THUNOR encapsulates the blasting, thrusting, heaving forces of action within the music production craft itself. Often working on intense ,emotive & cerebral type musicality as well defining an especially heavy mix down technique for driving especially high sound pressure level in systems that can transmit at high energy rates. The result of which is shower audiences in healing regenerative frequencies and to act as a gateway for shamanic experience for those willing. Expect to get yer rocks off to seriously thumping tech belters taking you up and down the tree of life 


time-space & space-time. First single to be released in the tech trance genre is “The Heathen” Original Tech Trancer 29th Aug 2019 off the back of several mix sets produced for house music radio and seasonal progressive tech house & tech trance sets during 2018 to present time space. With 4 further productions in the sights that take us into 2023. If we look back in the history of Luke Harrison creatively speaking we have a fairly large picture of collaborations and input to many productions that have become some of the worlds most remixed, & loved dance tunes with some of the longest history in dance music charts, creation of new genres going back to the collaboration work done with the Binary Finery team which culminated the release 1998, through to golden studio time spent with Peshay. 



Galactic, THUNOR travels the world tree. In digital form these productions will reach many countries and will be received wherever there is the calling. In the physical he spends a lot of time operating in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)


Why not! seriously though, if you could elevate experience and healing in others at the same time be connected with those who are just having a great time being in that moment, would you? If I was to compress all motive into a triune aspect I would offer, Learn/Teach/Do. I have respect and admiration for the vast works of creativity from artists around the world who have struck a chord with the heart through sharing the best we can find in ourselves. It’s a calling to seek ways to raise the platform of human experience, it is an honour to join the labours of love of those before our time, in our time and to come. 

The Interview  


So! You come bursting out of nowhere with this first release, which is very promising by the way, what do you love the most about being an artist & producer

I love to create that experience in others that I have had. I like nothing more than those moments when large groups or crowds get in front of fully cranked sound system for that heighten experience of letting go, releasing the tensions and troubles of the past & embracing the present moment more fully, seeing the mood change to playful & expressive or even just getting down with throwing some shapes. In my experience I have many great memories to reflect on & I see a place for them in the future. I love the relationship I discovered within the sonic spectrum covering  sound vibration as waveform or shape & having numerological characteristics & qualities that hold significance in each expression of form, this relationship with music production can be nurtured as a sacred art form rather than some commercial or brand trip. I release creative output when I think it serves well experientially speaking before I think about a release in the commercial terms. This keeps it’s honest & with integrity   


What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far?’

Sorry, how long is this interview for? No seriously life is full of problems or I would prefer to exchange the word problems as that of catalysts or distortions to work through before other truths are revealed. 

Another perspective is that in the journey of producing music that published an immense amount of diligence & focused effort is needed to evolve your distinction and elevate production levels to modern or future standards. This spans the continuous build operate and enhance to studio technology & your sound production techniques develops right the way through to how this material is used, shared, played, remixed, broadcast etc. The time needed to balance these activities or aspects of producing & releasing anything is high


What do you like the most about other artist & producers work?

Let’s say I have done my field of research that covers the roots to full spectrum of  electronica music to present date and I am in constant admiration of the countless great creations that have come forward. What I like most about the electronica music field today is that you can hook into such a vast creative output that is full of gems that pop out of ambient to all things tech. I could easily add verbatim a comma separated page full of examples but I will not on this occasion. Their seems to be a strong connection in those artists who produce techno also have strong ambient inclination too. I reciprocate this aspect because it delves into the full bodied journey to be experienced   


‘If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?’ 

Well now you have opened a can of worms, Imagine if I was somewhat involved with most of the early beta trials & programs within the music digital revelation. Now consider that my orientation towards what good looks like like is a bit like explaining why you need an iPhone or iPad when you never had one before. I have a view that the concept for what a musician, band or label needs to make an effective production, asset, rights, royalties, syndication management through to distribution life cycle mgt / workflow engine side of things just need to be brought together. I can think of way’s of producing an application or portal based experience that makes this challenging task easier over time. This is something I will pick up in future years. Thinking ahead the audience of creatives globally speaking is big and the challenges this community face in being creative and managing the whole gambit end to end need this process end to end work easily & holistically as possible while significantly reducing the time needed to be effective. I wish to see as many folks as possible able to live by their choice to serve others through music production & performances.

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