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The Full Story

Where did it all start

Since an early age Luke Harrison AKA Lucius had the piano in front of him. It with this opening line he gives thanks to his father Clive Harrison & his fathers mother Lorna James who recently passed away for their light & encouragement to embrace music as a performer. His father would  often be bashing out classics, jazz, popular hits on the carefully restored steinway not shown in the picture above but offers insight that as an early musician I observed the building & restoration of the piano. In later years the old man had one of his spending fits, a CASIO C80 if I remember correctly which allowed Lucius to tackle full modular synthesis design during the younger years where spare time was a reality.


How did it develop

Lucius first began his journey into sound much the same as everyone, allowing the ear of intuition to guide him through the incredible tapestry of music available to us, first the radio waves & TV would permeate his consciousness then beat bopping & body rocking with  electro on 7 inch vinyl took a firm grip at the age of 7. The year was 1990 when Lucius was invigorated by pirate radio stations & huge underground events that heaved with the cosmic onslaught of strange shamanic awakenings that took the world by storm. There was something significant about this period, where the possibilities had opened up to allow something raw, tribal, edgy & infectious to come back into the lives of so many souls. At this time Lucius was on the other side of the fence looking in & soaking up the vibe.


It’s wasn’t till 1994 when Lucius moved across the south coast to embark on higher education that he once again became the performer. After witnessing some of the greatest turntable talents & comparing this with the time spent deeply unimpressed by commercial clubs offerings Lucius decided it was time to go for gold with a set technics 1210’s & armed with a collection of vinyl that unbeknown to Lucius would be the start of a big journey. As time went by more & more parties, gigs & events took place as everyone experienced a big appetite for the bold new sounds that were emerging. Lucius enjoyed many incredible day’s & nights smashing up dance floors with cutting edge sounds to keep the best crowds deeply involved in the process of letting go of accepted reality. Many great specialist events grew out of this work such as The VURT, Geushky, Sunday Sessions, Nocturnal Emissions to name a few & spotting a few radio slots at that time. Lucius played his first hand at developing & providing input to projects with the Binary Finery team before things got complicated and shortly after Binary Finery experienced their first great success with the renowned 1998 Trance smasher of a tune that went down as 16th biggest dance tune of all time in Mix Mag. It went half platinum on the original alone, I have no idea what the 30+ remixes have done over the years since. We all knew 1998 was a good track but it was a bit different & new, so none of knew how this would take off. I remember my next big life turning point when my first child Mia was conceived & having to say that life had changed for me & I would not be able to contribute to future developments with the Binary Finery team . I shared this news after a long mastering session at the Shamen studios in 1997 as part of getting 1998 up on Aquarius Records, with the crew at the time.


In 1997 lucius moved on to Brighton with the new family & continued to concentrate on productions & DJ’ing as well as holding down a software engineering job during the day. The daily grind made Lucius keen to keep focused on the production & creative process where possible. At this point he found him self DJ’ing with the high energy productions & writing across all genre with artistic freedom. Over the next 10 years Lucius broke several new technologies onto the business communications market, delivered guidance & specialist consultancy to key government & Internet service providers across the globe, built the next generation media delivery platforms such BBC iPlayer, built next generation digital production suit, using next generation cloud delivery & broadcast services & produced the first album with what spare time could be found. Around this time Lucius had the pleasure of working wth Peshay renowned Drum & Bass DJ & Producer signed by Ireland records & an arsenal of hot tracks going out on many major names at the time. I loved how much fun we had at the same time how we pushed forward with new platforms, outboards, kit & caboodle to get the best sound possible. For me I learnt a lot from Peshay’s ear & drive, he was crystal clear about his brand, but then he faced what I faced. Lucius felt that he too had an influence on Peshay which took him on a much broader genre journey & creative outlet. It’s much harder thinking about how you approach your brand with a creative ability to produce to a high level multi genre tracks resting on your shoulders.


My later album “The Downbeat Mysteries” released 2009 master by grammy award winning engineer Andy Jacket from Pink Floyd came through a significant & transformational journey I was undertaking between 2006-2009. Lucius was involved in the field testing & development of a modern shamanic practice based on historical & archaeological finds & texts covering the northern hemisphere, see for more details. At this time Lucius desired to share a unique album that celebrated the British landscape & majesty within. “I didn’t know what to expect from this release, so many moving parts at the time, Soundcloud community built then a shift towards Facebook & youtube, ended up releasing on all major digital distribution platforms after a lot of solid input from producers & enthusiasts. 


The album has been steadily gaining interest mostly on streaming platforms but a lot of folks have come back to me with thanks on the journey they felt they took when they listened to the album in the car or with no distractions in the evening. After a year or more of reflection I began to see what the distinction of the Lucius brand would be”


This led to a third album released in Dec 12th 2012 called CINEMA SONIC Ambient Works which was produced as new & distinct Ambient-film score-sound scape. I had gone through my 3 rd re platforming tooling migration at this time in the continuous attempt to evolve your sound like a living entity that connects you with your own feelings & memories but as a shared narrative.

By this time I had the acoustics in the room sorted enough to get more pioneering projects down. “I love the move to RME outboard, they don’t pull the plug on support of their kit even if over 10 years old, they just produce the best kit that lasts”. Lucius ambition at this stage for the albums was to get them produced as top music videos, this was not realised until 2017. Getting your music, your art down into video is a big job which ever way you go about it, everything kinda hangs on how it works with the music, the relationship has to be tight, in keeping with mood”


Lucius is an avid beta tester of new technologies & techniques with all production suites and uses bespoke mastering for getting the ultimate production output & finish. 


“Getting CINEMA SONICS Ambient Works produced as Video was a big deal for me. I never gave this project the attention it deserved on the initial release, so I had to honour it with a more sophisticated approach & output. I know the material is somewhat timeless & so the video production had to be too. I have always wanted to give something back from the early 90’s experience of Satellite TV picking up the Chillout Zone & X Mix, all pioneering stuff that leaves a lasting impression”

LUCIUS-THUNOR-Side shot.jpg

Music Influences

Pink Floyd, Lemon Jelly, Bent, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Hybrid, Global Communication, DJ Food, DJ Shadow, Coldcut, Mr Scruff, Nightmares on Wax, Banco De Gaia, Sasha, The Crystal Method, The Avalanches, Faithless, Underworld, Aim, Filla Brazillia, De-Phazz, David Holmes, dZihan & Kamien, Stray Ghost, Purl, BvDub, Orb, Orbital, Air, ASIP, Babble, Burial, Carrie Tree, The Cinematic Orchestra, Crazy Penis, Coldplay, Deep Dish, The Doors, The Who, Dilan, Louis Armstrong, Tom Petty, Chris Rea, Hawkwind, Tangerine dream, Norman Cook, Harnes Kretzer, Parov Stelar, Iggy Pop, NWA, David Bowie, Jodie Wisternoff, KLF, Leftfield, Lamb, London Grammar, Loop Guru, Ludovico Einaudi, Lex Van Someren, Morcheeba, Moby, Nightmares on Wax, Pharrell Williams, Pig & Dan, Peshay, Portishead, Quantic, Rudimental, Rui Da Silva, Solace, Spylab, Steve Lawler, Sven Vath, Evil9, Tiesto, Binary Finery, Ulrich Schnauss, Urban Myth Club, Underworld, W&W, The Verve, Wagon Christ, Tori Amos, TFSOL, Aloe Blacc, Adele, Midlake, Bliss, M83, John Hopkins, Hammock, Shinobu Nemoto, Mysterious Skin, Koven, Harnes Kretzer, Europe, Nightmares on Wax, Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow, ASIP, Alonefold, Nills Frahm


Defining Characteristics

Cerebral, surreal, emotive, nostalgic, deep, lush scenery, captivating, relaxing, progressive textures, ambient pop, chill hop


  • Electronic – Downtempo – Chill-out

  • Electronic – Hip Hop

  • Electronic – Trip Hop

  • Electronic – Ambient

  • Electronic – Lounge

Similar artists

  • Orb

  • DJ Shadow

  • DJ Crush

  • Coldcut

  • Aim

  • John Hopkins

  • Wagon Christ

  • Banco De Gaia

  • Crystal Method

  • Nightmares on Wax

  • David Holmes

  • dZihan & Kamien

  • Stray Ghost

  • Nills Frahm


Where is it going

Now that the decision has been made to release “The Wayland Fall” Oct 28th 2017 all previous albums have been going through a video re mastering program that aims to please a much wider audience with high definition & quality music videos to run & be picked up as ambient, lounge, downbeat channel media. The release of “The Wayland Fall” signifies the union Lucius has made with his landscape, buried within it ancient historical sights of Arthurian mythos, craftsman & mages of legend. The track was mastered by Paul Godfrey from Morcheeba, a living legend in the finest Electronic sounds who has completed his dream to have his very own top mastering studio. I knew Paul from my early school days in Kent, I have always respected his workmanship & was over the moon with his masters. I left a lot of dynamic range in the mix down & asked for a full crank to ensure the track came over as intended, something new, something old, familiar yet fresh. Paul loved working on the project too, which was really good to know. 

“The track came together so well from the start, it really spoke to me, I was so chuffed the 2015 re platforming work had allowed such a high quality production to be born. As with previous productions you never quite know how this will be received across the broader audiences out there. All you know as producer is the track is finished & worth sharing & competing for attention. What really helped me was the great feedback coming from industry experts & veterans on The Wayland Fall, they all felt it had something good. Matchbox Music PR got straight behind this single, they showed professionalism, experience, connections & packages that should help raise awareness of the release amongst all the other great material out there.”

The Wayland Fall video production completed in Aug 2017 really connects the viewer with the experience you would get from XMIX or the CHill Out Zone that hit the satellite networks in the 90’s. 

The future for Lucius is going to remain focused on producing better & better material that engages the audience at the deeper levels. A series of video releases covering the previous albums is going to become available on youtube via the Brain Bomb Productions channel.

What has been an honour & great opportunity is working on an Electronic-Pop production with my daughter Mia for release in 2020. 

This production came to life when Mia (daughter of Lucius) put the vocals down on the first draft of lyrics after just 2.5 years training the voice, even the first recordings showed straight away we had something special here. We got this track pulled together & published in 2020 SUN Dance. The response from this release is it reached new audiences and we saw solid engagement coming through Spotify and other platforms. 

In 2022 the release of EYES in January breaking the ice from 2021 into the year of 2022 with an absolute techno belter which was a collaborative effort between Mia Shanti, Ryan O’Regan & LUCIUS. This production brought about many new dynamics and techniques in getting the most LOUD belter of a techno production as humanly possible and we reached that goal with a total slammer for bring in the life affirming ascension energies of 2022.  

As we continue developing new productions and collaborations our aim will be to share the very best of what comes through us and to incorporate the sacred geometries & frequencies, keys & tones and push new boundaries on detail, quality and most of all impact on the audience in their listening or visual experience. 

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