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    BrainBomb Productions has it's roots in computer systems, communication systems, sound technology, sound engineering & production, project collaborations & outdoor/indoor events, DJ'ing & live performances.

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    BrainBomb Productions publishes several genre smashing releases!

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    At the heart of BrainBomb Productions is the desire to develop great productions & performances through continual innovation & represent only the most excellent & expressive productions & performances.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

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BrainBomb Productions

Welcome to Brain Bomb Productions next generation portal. The sole aim is to provide the best music in it's class to the best people around the world.

Promoting The Best of British Underground Music Production and Artists.

We hope you enoy the experience and feel free to register to gain access to the very latest tunes & remixes, some energetic & some contemplative & reflective journeys through sound that come out of Brain Bomb Productions artists & producers.

Cinema Sonics Ambient Works Album Release

London, England - Official release date set for Dec 12, 2012 - Luke Harrison, known as "Lucius" in the world of electronic music, has produced a highly innovative album titled "Cinema Sonics Ambient Works". This production is yet another highly polished and expertly compiled epic album which features an addictive soundtrack "Sunlight Sonata" which has been getting a lot of radio airplay in the month leading up to the official release date. http://www.tunecore.com/music/lucius

Cinema Sonics Ambient Works format is rhythmic & emotive, takes the audience on a full audio spectrum experience that is atmospheric, deep, sinister, dark, euphoric, spacey, cerebral, nostalgic and downright artistic in nature and delivery. http://uk.pressking.com/press-releases/On-Dec-12-2012-Luke-Harrison-known-as-Lucius-releases-Cinema-Sonics-Ambient-Works-Album-034974

Double Album chilout slammer on Spotify



BrainBomb Productions

Brain Bomb Productions is an independent record label that focuses on producing prime content and art using the very latest technological advances in sound engineering tools and platforms. Brain Bomb Productions head honcho Luke Harrison is the pioneering spirit behind a small team of the sharpest shooters in the UK. Brain Bomb Productions has been in fifth gear over 7 years now with a simple ambition. To produce good honest music & to celebrate with mankind. http://invaconsult.com.ua/ http://invaconsult.com.ua/